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Don't compromise on your visions and dreams; we take the voice you hear in your head and put it into the mind of your audience.  Our talent is excellent at taking direction as well as implementing feedback. 

You will get the project you envisioned and deserve!

Jay North’s character voices have been described as smart aleck, sarcastic, wry and foreboding.

Jay North’s voice has been described as relaxed, every man, guy next door and real people. 

North Voice Over Seattle, Inc.

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National TV Commercial Dog Years Unlimited Data

Jay North was the voice artist for

The First Dog!


​North Voice Over Seattle, Inc. is a premier voice talent company serving the world from Seattle, delivering professionally recorded audio with our state of the art in house equipment or partnering with a world-class recording studio. 

We offer edited or non edited audio to fit your needs, dedicated to completing projects on time and delivering quality work.

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