My story

Jay North has been an entertainer since the early 80’s with a variety of, comedy, TV voice over talent, stage and intimate live performances.  Jay has worked with his voice extensively and has been in an environment of coaching and feedback since 2010, with an excellent record of success.

Jay is the voice actor that you can count on to get the vision you have in your head, into the mind of your audience.  He will implement feedback so you can deliver your project, on time, the way you want and deserve.

Jay is a voice artist you can count on.  Why not use the voice trusted by T-Mobile and Citibank to get your message into the mind of your audience?  

Using state of the art in-house recording equipment or partnering with nearby recording studio, we can deliver world-wide broadcast quality audio on time and in your budget.

Jay's voice acting style has been described as:

trusted voice / guy next door / relaxed

smart aleck / sarcastic / wry / foreboding


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Customer Raves

​​​​About Jay North

The voice actors on a project for Citibank were asked for session notes.  Jay’s notes were the most informative, I was impressed.  Thanks Jay!
~ Christopher Fox ~

Great Voice - Editor / AV Production Manager

Great Job and I love your enthusiasm.  I really appreciate your serious approach to voice acting Jay, it shows!  “Jay gets it!”
~ Randy Dean ~

Jay, I cannot thank you enough!!!  What an awesome/convincing voice!!!
~ Jim Le Galley ~